friendly floss


friendly floss is a reusable flossing tool that works with any dental floss and can be thread in a variety of ways to suit your preference. Featuring a pencil style grip to provide close control and easy access to all areas of your mouth.

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  • Manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Wash before use.
  • Floss not included.
  • Available to purchase in the UK and just launched in EU. For other regions please click here.
  • Free UK shipping. EU shipping paid by customer with up to 5 units allowed in a single shipping package.

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friendly floss
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 11 reviews
 by Etsy UK review

Works well and so pleased to have something reusable and plastic free

 by Etsy UK review

Really appreciated the link to videos showing how to thread the flosser. Lovely to have a sustainable option!

 by Etsy UK review

Item quality and delivery were all fine, however it's actually really difficult to floss with this tool so I can't give it a full 5 stars to no fault of the seller.

Our response: Hi, thanks for the review - we put together this quick video showing the simplest way to thread friendly floss and then it should be as easy to use as a floss pick, with the added benefit that you control the tension of the floss and can reuse it again and again - Watch this video to see how.


 by Etsy UK review

Great product!!! Amazing whoop yeah

 by Etsy UK review

Great product, makes flossing easier without all the plastic waste of single use floss harps. Useful videos on their website for floss threading methods.

 by Etsy UK review

Top quality floss holder. I encourage everyone to get one and tell your friends to get one too 😃 I don't feel embarrassed if I leave it laying on the side of the sink whereas I did when I accidentally left a plastic one there. Super fast delivery. You can put it in the dishwasher!! Seller very friendly and helpful.

 by Etsy UK review

Excellent product, getting the knack of threading took a wee while but once sussed works great.

 by Etsy UK review

Can't get the floss to hold properly.

Our response: Hi, thanks for your feedback which helped us to improve our threading instructions for 'the finger - simplest way' so that the floss holds super well. Please watch this video to find out how.

 by Etsy UK review

One of the better quality reusable floss holders available

 by Etsy UK review

The shape of an Angel suggests the Friendly Flosser will be a great companion in any pocket. Not normally a fan of liking jewellery worn by men this Flosser is an exception. I also love its sculptural appeal, - a haptic pleasure.

 by Rupi

As a dental hygienist whose encouragement of flossing is a priority, many of my patients feel disheartened by the impact many dental tools have on the environment. Having tried and tested friendly floss, it is refreshing to find a flosser that not only is effective and kind to the planet, but also will stand the test of time.

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our sustainable packaging

We have designed our packaging to be plastic free by using a single piece of recyclable kraft card that folds in on itself to hold friendly floss for delivery and display, and on disposal breaks back down for recycling.

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