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the finger with a twist

We’ve improved our simplest way to thread friendly floss – ‘the finger with a twist’

18 November 2023
Watch this short video for the simplest way to use friendly floss - 'the finger'…

friendly floss – in Dentistry – Why dentistry is learning to prioritise consequence over convenience

16 July 2023
Before too long, sustainability will be widely embraced by the dental profession, predict Giles and…
simple yet beautiful...

friendly floss, made to last a lifetime, launches to the dental profession

22 May 2023
New to market in 2023, friendly floss is a stainless-steel flossing device for those who…
friendly floss

Making the perfect product

22 May 2023
friendly floss is no ordinary flossing device! Made of stainless steel, it has been carefully…
friendly floss
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